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1) What is an owner/operator at Action Express & Hot Shot?

An owner/operator is a person who starts his/her own business by contracting there services to Action Express & Hot Shot. As with any business, there are start up costs. The requirements for such a person are:

  • Have your own vehicle (new or late models only)
  • Provide courier commercial insurance on your vehicle *
  • Have a $1 million dollar cargo insurance policy **
  • Register your vehicle as a public service vehicle (plate should start with a letter)
  • Set up a WCB (Workers’ Compensation) account ***
  • Maintain and fuel your vehicle
  • Smart phone is required, $15.00 bi-weekly dispatch fee.
  • Have safety glasses, steel toed footwear, reflective vest, and a hard hat
  • Be able to manage your expenses as we have a 4 week holdback on earnings.

*We have found Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers (Madison Samson 780-930-3870) consistently provide the best rates for courier commercial insurance.
**Available through Action Express at a substantial discounted fleet rate.
***Application forms available online at www.wcb.ab.ca. The cost is about $1,200.00 per year.

2) What kind of money can an owner/operator make?

At Action Express & Hot Shot we start our owner/operators at 70% commission on the deliveries they do. Owner operators with an excellent knowledge of Edmonton, good organizational skills, and the ability to move quickly and safely will make more than others.

As each individual’s skills will differ, we only quote AVERAGES for each size of vehicle. Current averages are:

$325.00 per day
$400.00 per day
½ or ¾ ton truck with pipe rack
$500.00 per day
1 ton flat deck
$650.00 per day

* These figures are gross numbers and owner/operators will receive 70% of these numbers. All vehicle expenses, earnings, taxes are paid by the owner/ operator.

3) What other benefits are there to being an owner operator?

  • The realization that you are in control of your earnings and are not limited by a wage.
  • Variety! Each day brings something different, although you are picking up and delivering goods we do not have regular routes so you see something different each day.
  • Freedom from being “chained to a desk”. Also a good mix of physical activity (loading/unloading) and mental stimulation (planning your route)
  • Tax advantages. As owning your own business, you can deduct certain expenses such as an office in your home, portions of household expense relating to your home office. You can also apply for a GST number to be reimbursed for the GST spent on purchases for your business.

4) Is this seasonal work?

  • No, we are busy year ’round with a slight drop in business during spring break up when the frost leaves the ground. Depending on the season this ranges from one to two months.

5) Can I work part time?

  • No, in order to maintain the high level of customer service our clients require, we only hire full time. Also with the startup costs involved it would not be practical.

6) Why should I choose Action Express & Hot Shot?

  • For many reasons such as:
    • Honesty and integrity.
    • Respect. Our owner operators are our business partners. As they prosper we do as well.
    • Comradery. As we all work as a team we enjoy our successes together.
    • Stability. Action has been in business since 1993.
    • Prestige. Our company is recognized as the leader in our industry.
    • Earning potential. Our average earnings are higher than any others.
    • Pay is direct-deposited bi-weekly.
    • Generous awards for 5, 10 and 15 years of service.


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